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Paper Products

  • Digital Fine Papers
  • Silicon Printed/unprinted paper/ Release Paper
  • Metalized paper, silver/gold paper (Sheet /Reels)
  • Alu laminated paper (Sheet /Reels)
  • Thermal paper
  • Color Paper & board
  • Greaseproof paper/Parchment white and colored
  • Decor Laminate Base Paper
  • Gloss Lable paper
  • Tetra Printed Board
  • Self adhesive Label stock (sheet /Reels)
  • Art semi gloss/high gloss Paper (Sheet /Reels)
  • Wood-free uncoated paper
  • Playing card board/ Black Centre triplex board
  • Tracing White & Color Paper
  • Aluminium PE Triplex/duplex foil
  • Printed /unprinted PE coated paper
  • Wallpaper
  • Cast coated paper (Leather release paper)
  • PP, Polyester Non woven , fleece
  • Aluminium Foil
  • Insulation Kraft Paper

Speciality Fine Papers

We procure the world class sophisticated coated and uncoated speciality papers so that the designers and tail users get the distant result. Our papers make the written words and pictures glisten and glean like fire flies in the night sky.

Technically sound, greener core and state of art textures make uncoated and coated fine papers prominent in the market. Coated range is higher bulk, reasonable and technically superior. Striding to our mission, we have allied with some of the reputed European mills to cater us the best quality fine and digital papers which would help our customers grease their trade.